Business Updates

3 hours 22 min ago Brexit’s Advance Opens a New Trade Era The decisive Conservative victory in Britain leaves no doubt that in today’s global equation, national interests are supreme and globalization is suspect.
3 hours 37 min ago ‘Bombshell’ Raises a Question: What’s Megyn Kelly Up to Anyway? A year after the anchor was ousted from NBC, Charlize Theron brings her back as someone who helped take on Fox News from the inside.
4 hours 16 min ago U.S. and China Reach Initial Trade Deal The agreement includes a commitment by China to buy more agriculture products and to strengthen laws protecting foreign companies operating there.

Science Updates

13 hours 29 min ago Geminids Meteor Shower Will Peak in Night Skies Meteor showers can light up night skies from dusk to dawn, and if you’re lucky you might be able to catch a glimpse.
18 hours 44 min ago Federal Watchdog Questions Billions of Dollars Paid to Private Medicare Plans A new report from the inspector general’s office criticized insurers for overstating patients’ illnesses without adequate documentation to obtain more federal money.
1 day 25 min ago New Zealand Seeks Human Skin to Treat Volcano Burn Victims The country’s need highlights a little-known type of organ donation.

Technology Updates

14 hours 34 min ago Killer Robots Aren’t Regulated. Yet. “Killing in the Age of Algorithms” is a New York Times documentary examining the future of artificial intelligence and warfare.
1 day 3 hours ago F.T.C. Said to Consider Injunction Against Facebook The agency has discussed taking action to prevent Facebook from knitting together WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram.
2 days 53 min ago George Laurer, Who Developed the Bar Code, Is Dead at 94 Every purchase evokes his design of the rectangular Universal Product Code. But although it became ubiquitous, he received no royalties.