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Degree / Certificate

Institute / School

CGPA / %




B-Tech, CSE

CBSE, Senior School Certificate / +2

CBSE, Secondary School Certificate

National Institute of Technology, Calicut

Arya Central School Trivandrum

Sarvodaya Central Vidyalaya, TVM

7.62 (of 10)




Key Skills

 Web Development
 Tools & Softwares
 Operating Systems

C, C++, Python, Core JAVA, MIT-Scheme(LISP), NASM
MySQL  , Oracle 10g
Mat lab , Texmaker, Microsoft Office, Flex, Bison, Wireshark, Openpuff, ClusalW2 , Genscan
GNU/Linux, Windows(8, 7, Vista, XP), Android




Course Projects:


  • Biological studies using Computer Programming  (ClusalW2,  Genscan)                            S7 Monsoon Semester
  • Network Security Analysis of IRCTC (Wireshark).                                                                    S7 Monsoon Semester
  • SIL: A Simple Integer Language compiler as part of Compiler Lab (LEX/YACC).                 S6 Winter Semester
  • Scholari: A scholarship notifying Application (SRS and SDD)                                                 S6 Winter Semester
  • Designed a website to share and upload pictures (PHP)                                                        S6 Winter Semester
  • XOS: An Experimental Operating System for XSM( SPL/APL)                                                S5 Monsoon Semester
  • Halftone Visual Cryptography (Implementation of Floyd-Steinberg Algorithm)               S5 Monsoon Semester
  • Employee Database for a Company (SQL)                                                                                 S5 Monsoon Semester
  • Study of B and B+ trees                                                                                                                 S5 Monsoon Semester
  • E-Bank: A banking Application (C++).                                                                                         Class XII
  • E-shopper: A book shopping Application (Core JAVA).                                                           Class XII
  • Telephone Billing System(C++)                                                                                                    Class XI
  • Designed a website displaying information about yourself(HTML)                                      Class X





May, 2013 – Jul, 2013


Summer Student


Study of Differential Equations- Theory, Computation and Applications


Underwent Summer Internship Program of IIT Bombay, NPDE-TCA under Prof. Sabu, IIST-TVM. Implemented the theme studying while working under a project. Studied Several Partial Differential Equations and their interesting properties

 Technologies Used

Mat lab, Texmaker



Aug, 2014 – Jul, 2015


Android Developer


Create an Android Application that reduce communication gap in the society


All IT companies are required to giveback a small share of their profit back to the society. Most of the IT companies achieve this through donations, conducting seminars. But only a very few portion of what they gave back really reach the needy. Most of the organizations who receive funds may not even need it. Those who are really needy may not have means to communicate with these officials and get some help from them because of communication gap existing in the society. I intend to create an application that helps poor to directly communicate with the IT officials and share their needs without a middle man.

 Technologies Used

Eclipse , ADT Bundle


B-Tech Project





Cache contention aware scheduler for simultaneous multithreaded multi-core system (Linux).


Improve the O(1) default scheduler of Linux by making it aware of Cache contention. We achieve this through analyzing the miss rates when two cores share same lower level cache. We schedule processes with least miss rates together.

 Technologies Used



Certifications / Workshops

Certificate course in JAVA

G-TEC Computer Education

Certification No.:  22682


Advanced Ethical Hacking

Kyrion Digital Securities

      Tech-Fest : Tathva‘13

Cloud Computing Workshop

Green Add+

     Tech-Fest : Tathva‘12




Scholastic Achievements

  • Won second prize in CODEX( Coding competition) conducted in the college (2012)
  • First prize in District level in All India Mathematical Olympiad (2007)
  • Reached Final Round of AKS( Abdul Kalam Scholarship)
  • Individual scholarships in Elocution, Essay writing, Drawing and painting in school level.



Extra-Curricular Activities

  • Active Member Of IT Club, Club Mathematica, Eco Club etc
  • Campus ambassador of Naukri.com, Tallenge etc
  • Student Volunteer under PRISM project, an initiative of government of Kerala with the help of  IIM-K
  • Blogging
  • Coding Competitions




Interests and Hobbies


Computer Security, DBMS ,Compilers , Algorithms



Reading(Short stories, Fiction), Solving  Sudoku, Chess, Badminton


Strength and Weaknesses


Organizing skills, Self-confidence, Hard working, Punctual, Sincere, Team player



Talkative, Perfectionist