The Computing Discipline, UGC Online, Mon, 06/06/2011:


Computing is a broad discipline that crosses the boundaries between mathematics, science, engineering, and business. This presentation provides a perspective for those who need to understand what the major computing disciplines are, and how they compare and complement each other.

Automatic Generation of Code Generators, IUPUI, USA, Fri, 02/15/2002:


Here we present the development of a code transformation system, specifically for scalar transformations, which can be used either as a tool to assist the generation of code transformers or as an environment for experimentation with code transformations. The code transformation system provides an environment in which one can specify a tranformation using dependence relations(in the specification language we have designed), generate code for a transformer from its specification, and experiment with the generated transformers on real-world progrms.

Programming Methodology, Arbitron India, Info Park, Kochi


Programming began as an art, and even today most people learn only by watching others perform and through habit, with little direction as to the principles involved. Teaching programming means explaining problem solving ideas, teaching orderly thinking, getting across a sense of simplicity, elegance, and style. reliable programs are no more a luxury in many critical areas. Here we stress the need for conscious application of programming principles, especially for reliable software.