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Shabeera, TP, MadhuKumar SD.  2017.  A HEURISTIC BASED ALGORITHM FOR DISTANCE-AWARE VIRTUAL MACHINE ALLOCATION IN CLOUD, March 2017. Second International Conference on Internet of Things, Data and Cloud Computing ( ICC'17). , Cambridge University, United Kingdom:ACM
Gilesh, MP, MadhuKumar SD, Lillykutty J.  2017.  HyViDE: A Framework for Virtual Data Center Network Embedding. ACM SAC 2017 Track on Cloud Computing. , Marrakesh, Morocco: ACM
AbdulNazeer, KA, MPSebastian, MadhuKumar SD.  2011.  A Heuristic K-Means Algorithm with Better Accuracy and Efficiency for Clustering Health Informatics Data. International Journal of Medical Imaging and Health Informatics, American Scientific Publishers. 1(1):66-71.