HoD Tenure(2012-2014)

Things happened /initiated   during my tenure as  HoD of CSED ( 2012-2014)

1.       M.N. Neelakantan Memorial Lecture Series ( Idea of Prof. Priya Chandran)

2.       ACM  NITC Student Chapter formation ( Vineeth Sir)

3.       Orientation  programmes for Adhoc Faculty

4.       CSEA revamping

5.       New Adjunct Faculty induction - Dr. Mansoor Allichery . Vizury soft Bangalore

6.       Research Groups  of the Department

7.       Internships in Bell Labs for B.Tech and PhD students

8.       Srinivasa Padmanbhuni ( Infosys) visit

9.       Prof. Sunil Chandran’s  (IISc)visit

10.   Research Scholars room setting up

11.   Weekly Talk series by  research scholars

12.    Home pages for all research scholars

13.   Faculty  web page updating

14.   Aakash Project of IITB  ( Dr. G. Gopa Kumar)

15.   Prof. Palakal Sir’s  visit

16.   Research groups formation

17.   Students achievements- Ayush( internship in USA) , Shabeera T.P ( Bell Labs)- internships

18.   TCS  MoU signing

19.   Travel Fellowships from PTA

20.   Notice boards , New screens purchased

21.   Seminar Hall renovation ( Dr.Priya Chandran’s initiation, Abdul Sathar)

22.   E-learning centre in CCC

23.   PTA home page

24.   Mock tests for GATE ( Arunanad & Team)

25.   Placement/internship talks (CSEA)

26.   Tijo Jose– Google USA  Selection

27.   Apple Campus Representative Program ( Dr.G. Gopa Kumar, Aditya Bhushan)

28.   Aditya Bhushan’s summer internship in Apple Singapore

29.   Projector donation from MCA students ( Balance fund from Nakshtra 2011)

30.   Proposal for new PG courses, MCA suspending

31.   Break Fast & Lunch  facility in the association Hall  ( Riji.N Das)

32.    Printers, scanner, computers  for the dept labs- MCA fund utilization ( Dr.Vinod Pathari, Lijiya)

33.   Sever class machine, two comps for the Secure computing lab (Dr.Vinod Pathari, Lijiya)

34.   Office time extension ( 8.00 am to 6.30 pm)

35.   Online seminar hall booking software ( Vineeth Sir)

36.   Adhoc technical  staff  work- guidelines, monthly reports ( Vinod Pathari)

37.   Notice boards for faculty rooms, CSEA ( V.R. Ajaya Chandran)

38.   Interactive whiteboard ( Abdul Sathar and V.R  Ajaya Chandran)

39.   CSED- Office manual ( prepared by Vidya)

40.    Prof. Balaji Palanisamy’s   (USA) visit

41.   Sri. Sankar Krishnan’s   Workshop on Leadership

42.   Sap Labs  University alliance, Lecture series, interaction

43.   IBM University Relationship – joining

44.   Workshops  and talks by the IBM Experts ( Ms. Supriya, Mr. Sree Krishnanan & others)

45.   Prof. Mathew J. Palakal’s  Adjunct Professor term  extension

46.   Class room modernisation- PA systems etc ( Vinod Pathahri & Lijiya)

47.   Projector purchase (Priya Chandran,  Vinod Pathahri & Lijiya)

48.   Research Scholars’ contingency grant utilization

49.   Digital Camera purchase for the Secure Computing Lab( Abdul Sathar)

50.   CSED Wiki site ( Kartik Singhal & team)

51.   Finger Print attendance recording software ( Vinod Pathari & team)

52.   Purchase of computers, servers etc for all the laboratories of the dept ( Co-ordinated by Dr. Vinod Pathari)

53.   Plan Fund and DOC utilization –preliminary works

54.   NBA accreditation –preliminary works

55.   Official Google Group email ids for all batches and Alumni ( Dhanya)

56.   Student Data Recording form for all students – Faculty Advisors

57.   Data collection  including placement details  of all passing out students( 2014 pass out batch)

58. Department T-SHIRT ( CSEA)

59. Six New faculty rooms in CSE Building top floor

60.New Conference Room in the CSED Building  top floor

61. Water cooler purchase ( CREC PTA)

62. Faculty Recruitment ( Assistant Professor interviews - 2014)

63. Directory of the CSE Depts of all the 30 NITs In India ( Vidya)

64.  Two IT Training Programmes for employees of India Post ( Consultancy course)- Dr.GopaKumar

65. Two FDPs for Faculty members of CSE Depts from GEC Sreekrishnapuran, GEC Kannur and GEC Wayanad -TEQIP sponsored ( Saidalavi Kalady)- ( Under Consultancy Scheme)