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Someswara, P, Govindan VK, S SP.  2013.  Image quality augmented intramodal Automatic Palmprint authentication,IET Image processing. Vol 6:Issue6.
Sharma, A, V.K.Govindan.  2014.  Fractal Image Compression using Locality Sensitive Hashing. International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology (IJERT);, IJERTV3IS031896, . Vol. 3 (Issue 3):pp.1898-1901,ISSN:2278-0181.
Sasilal, L, Govindan.V.K.  2013.  Arithmetic Coding-An Enhanced Implementation Using Locality, Lecture Notes On Information Theory . Vol.1, No:ISSN:2301-3788..
Sasilal, L, Govindan.V.K.  2013.   Arithmetic Coding- A Reliable Implementation. International Journal of Computer applications (IJCA). vol. 73:No.7,ISBN:973-93-80876-07-5.
Sadanandan, S, Govindan VK.  2013.  Image Compression with Modified Skipline Encoding and Curve Fitting. International Journal of Computer applications (IJCA). vol. 74:No.5,ISBN:973-93-80876-35-9.
S, JA, K GV.  2013.  An effective reverse engineering methodologyfor the reconstruction of gene regulatory network using gene expression profile . International Journal of Universal Pharmacy and Bio Sciences. :2(6),ISSN:2.