I'm Jeena, joined as PhD student at CSED on 5th January 2015 under the guidance of Dr Abdul Nazeer (Professor, CSED). Before that,  I was working as Assitant Professor @ Chinmaya Institute of Technology, Kannur.  Apart from learning, I love to read and also do computer programming. My area of interests includes Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Artificial intelligence etc.

I'm currently working on the semantic representation of English text to measure the degree of equivalence in the underlying meaning of a given sentence pair, using deep learning techniques. Well, that is just a stylish way of saying, "We are trying to teach the machine to understand when the two sentences mean the same irrespective of their words or syntax". (Like you probably noticed that the previous two sentences meant the same). Semantic Textual Similarity (STS) problem, has recently gained much interest in the NLP research community because it puts us one step closer to the true goal of AI - i.e. language understanding.

I completed my B.Tech in CSE from College of Engineering, Thalassery in 2005, M.Tech in Software Engineering, from CUSAT in 2007 and has been working as Project Engineer at Wipro Technologies, Infopark, Cochin till 2009. When I quit my job at Wipro, I had strong desire to pursue research. So this PhD admission is indeed the first step towards my dream.

On the lighter side, I'm a typical Gemini, who gets interested in anything under the sun. I live in Kannur, with my husband, Mr Sreejith K, Proprietor, Penta Systems, Kannur and two children - Parvathy & Harinand.