Virtual Chemistry Lab and Interactive Applets

Nigam, Aviral. Virtual Chemistry Lab and Interactive Applets. Mumbai: Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, Report.

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The aim is to illustrate the concepts of chemistry through a Virtual Chemistry Lab (VCL). The VCL will allow students to carry out high school level experiments by utilization of standard equipment such as beakers, burettes, flasks and pipettes, and common chemical reagents like acids and bases. We would be using Java Applet graphics to depict the equipment and student actions in a realistic manner. The VCL would allow teachers to set up demonstration experiments from which the students can observe and learn. Finally all student actions will be automatically captured and the educators will be able to replay the experiments and evaluate the student.

No government school (and many a school in the private sector) has a chemistry lab. This could be due to variety of reasons viz: because of safety, expense of procuring chemicals, lack of knowledge amongst teachers, etc. The idea in this project, is to develop a JAVA interactive simulator that will demonstrate chemistry experiments, allow students to perform them, and support evaluation. “Bring the lab to your PC ” is the motto.

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