Rent or Self-execute? Resource Management Strategies for Cloud Providers

Nigam, Aviral, Snehal Chauhan, and Varsha Murali. Rent or Self-execute? Resource Management Strategies for Cloud Providers In Advances in Computing, Communications and Informatics (ICACCI), 2013 International Conference. Mysore: IEEE, 2013.


As Cloud Computing is an emerging field, many
improvements are being proposed to provide users with better
services and facilities. This paper deals with the illusion of infinite
resource availability on demand, one of the new aspect in Cloud
Computing. A new approach has been discussed here to continue
providing this illusion. This work provides an efficient way for
the cloud provider to decide on his strategies to execute a job
i.e., whether to use his own services to execute (self-execute)
or to pay rent to other cloud providers. A utility function has
been formulated that considers the factors related to resource
requirement, execution time and waiting probability. Further, a
combination of forecasting models and game theoretic approaches
have been proposed to identify the best strategy based on the
values from this utility function. The design considers both the
previous as well as current demand to decide on the provider’s
strategy so as to make the results more accurate. The results
obtained show an almost equal distribution of Rent and Selfexecute

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