Information Warfare System

Nigam, Aviral, Ankur Singh, Dimpi Saikia, and Mukesh Mali. Information Warfare System. National Institute of Technology, Calicut, Report.


Military system simulations are usually used to train soldiers to perform missions and to learn to work together in teams and across command structures, or carry out the advanced concept technology demonstrations for operational applications of equipment systems on future battlefield.
It is a complex, dynamic, and information centric system with heterogeneous, autonomous members. To simulate its action, multi-agent based modeling technology is applied to set up the mappings from the members in IWS to respective agents, by which the distributed multi-agent system is designed. Thus, the multi-agent interactions centric platform-level virtual battlefield simulation system and its agent model are designed.
The established demonstration system proves the feasibility and efficiency of our model, and shows its advantages in realizing real time platform-level computer simulation for military systems.
The focus of this project is the MAS theory and its application in combat simulation.

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