2017 July - 2018 May


1. Development of an Autonomous Flight Booking System using NLP techniques Ashiq Muhammed; Ronnel Davis

2. Global Order Miner Venkatesh Seetha

3. IOT - Wired and Wireless Technology Sainu Thaha; V S Shegha

4. License Agreement Analyzer Pavithra Anilkumar Varier; Puthi Tejaswi

5. A Study of Decision Making Models Simran Kanodia; Rachna Sasheendran

6. Increasing Security in Android and the future of Rooting Yash Agarwal

7. Anomaly-based Intrusion Detection using Bro and Machine Learning Chandralekha Yenugunti

8. A study based on 'Elements of computing Systems' Cotra Aditya Kousik

2016 July / December - 2017 May


1.  News Article Classification using Clustering with Semi-Supervised Learning
Arjun Krishnamoorthy; Akshay K. Patil

2. Misclassification : The missing link
Abitha Thankaraj; Aparna Jairaj 

3. Reverse Engineering and Static Analysis of Android Applications
Augustine Varghese; Emmanuel Xavier

4. Design and Implementation of a Honeypot
Amala Babu; Amritha Anna Roy

5. Crossword Solving Assistant
A R Jobin; Anand G Menon; Ashwin Sekhar; Vinay R Damodaran

6. Implementation of Proximity Based Services
Md. Azharullah Shariff

7. Security Implementation using Biometric
Shrimadhav U K

8. Threat analysis in networks
Boby Aloysius Johnson


1. Volunteer World
Dilraj Singh Sandhu

2. An Android Application for Swachh-Nitc

3. An Android Application for Repair Services
Pawan Kumar Singh

4. Welfare: A web based Application for donations in NITC
Vikas Singh

2015 July / December - 2016 May


1.  Elements of Computing Systems - An Implementation
Afsal P, Francis Cilwin   Link

2. Flow Prioritization based on SCTP send buffer occupancy
Arpan Kapoor, Deepak Sirone J, K Prasad Krishnan


1. Extending Threshold Cryptography to Multifactor Authentication.
Vishnu V P  Paper1 Paper2

2. Multiple Integer Packing for Optimizing Partial Homomorphic Encrypted Databases.
Mythily A S Paper1


1. Design and Development of a WIKI for Buses - WikiBus
Deepak Sharma

2. Predicting Bus Location by Mining Bus Location History
Himanshu Dixit

3. Design and Implementation of an Online Forum for NITC
Jitendra Kushvaha

2014 July / December - 2015 May


1.  Wifi based indoor positioning system.
Ajans K T, Jazeem Muhamed Basheer.


1. Big Data Analytics.

2. Standardisation and Classifcation of Alerts Generated by Intrusion Detection Systems. (Jointly with Ms. Anu Mary Chacko)
Athira A B.

3. Incremental Mapreduce using Provenance. (Guide: Ms. Anu Mary Chacko)
Madhu S.

4. Optimizing Provenance Storage for mapreduce workflows in Hadoop. (Guide: Ms. Anu Mary Chacko)
Anish Gupta.

5. Extended PERM with Functinoality of Provenance Foreign Aware Datawrappers . (Guide: Ms. Anu Mary Chacko)
Ajeeb M Basheer.


1. Component Management System.
Purnendu Kumar Roy  (Jointly with Mr. Dhanaraj K J

2. An aggregator for e-shopping.

Hasnain Sajjad 

3. Developing a tool for validating a website.
Abhishek Francis Kujur

2013 July / December - 2014 May


1. Radius plots for mining tera-byte scale graphs.
Vidhu Chauhan, Aditya Bhushan, Papineni Poojitha.

2. An ecommerce web portal exclusive to NITC.
George Sebastian.

3. Intrusion detection system based on sequence of system calls.
Abijith K P, Kurian K S


1. Key-sentence based complete plagiarism detection system for text documents.
Sairam Yenduri

2. Secure storage and access of academic records.
Sunny Sinha

3. Development of game independency for the supply of chain role play game software packages and the performance analysis of supply chain using the software packages.
Y Sinjana (Jointly with Dr. V Madhusudanan Pillai) 


1. Quarter Allocation System.
Vishak M G  (Jointly with Dr. Vinu Palissery

2. Development of software packages for the performance evaluation of supply chain under game and different inventory policies environments.

Anirban Dey (Jointly with Dr. V Madhusudanan Pillai)

2012 July / December - 2013 May


1. Audio Steganography and Audio Steganalysis. 
Delbin Thomas, Rahul P, Roopa Raju, Silpa S Nair.

2. Various methods of load balancing in cloud computing.
Aviral Nigam, Snehal Chauhan, Varsha Murali.  Paper


1. Bayesian network based intrusion detection system.

Sambhav Sharma. Co-guide: Anu Mary Chacko

2. Implementing message integrity in mobile phones (android platform) using Identity Based Encryption.
Archana Devi R. Guide: Anu Mary Chacko

3. Implementation of efficient, robust and secure MIX-NET for E-Voting.
Rahul Kumar Dhamu. Co-guide: Anu Mary Chacko

4. A model for trust in web services.
Rini Mary Varghese. Co-guide: Anu Mary Chacko

5. Capturing Provenance in Clouds.
Suresh K. Guide: Anu Mary Chacko  Paper


1. Supply chain role play game.
Indranil Karmakar. Guide: Dr. V Madhusudanan Pillai, MED.

2. Vendor managed inventory based supply chain role play game.
Rakesh Yadav. Guide: Dr. V Madhusudanan Pillai, MED.

3. Performance evaluation of periodic inventory policies in supply chain - an excel based software package.
Saddam Hussain. Guide: Dr. V Madhusudanan Pillai, MED.

4. Component Management System.
Ramsy Razack. Guide: Raghu C V, ECED.

5. Quarters Allotment System.
Sonu P. Guide: Dr. Vinu Palissery, CED.

2011 July / December - 2012 May

1. Emergency Medical Service using Multi Agent System.
Christy Maria Mathew, Harsh Upadhyay, Nitish Gupta, Shraddha Jose.

2. Workflow Scheduling in Grid Computing.
Sambit Kumar Sahoo, Shashi Kumar, Vibhuti Bhushan, Vivek Ranjan.

3. Theory and Applications of Voronoi Diagrams in competitive facility location and sensor networks.
Akshay Jain, Ayush Sengupta, Anuj Tawari, Dhandeep M Lodaya.

1. Finding Key Players in a Directed Weighted Graph.
Hyndavi Raporu.

2. Modeling information overload in online social networks.
Vineet Deoraj.

1. Layout Planning.
Ch. Ramit Kant. Guide: Dr. V Madhusoodanan Pillai, MED.

2. Component Management System.
Subhash Kumar Minj. Guide: Raghu C V, ECED.

2010 July - 2011 May

1. Social Network Analysis - Optimizing Connections using Game Theory.
Neha Radhakrishnan, Rhea Joy, Teena Philip.

1. Modeling Network Topology as an Optimization Problem.
Manisha Kumari. Co-guide: Anu Mary Chacko

2. Developing a framework for capturing and refining security requirements.
Praveen Kumar S. Co-guide: Anu Mary Chacko