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MadhuKumar, SD, Lisha.P.P.  2009.  Event Modeling for Content Based Publish/Subscribe Systems. International Conference on Advances in Recent Technologies in Communication and Computing, ARTCom 09. :855-859., Kottayam, India: IEEE Computer Society
Shiven, S, Sachin S, Gilesh MP, MadhuKumar SD.  2016.  Evaluation of Performance Characteristics and Limitations of FlowVisor. International Conference in Information Science(ICIS -2016). , Kochi
Ojus Thomas, L, MadhuKumar SD, Chandran P.  2016.  Erasure Coded Storage Systems for Cloud Storage - Challenges and Opportunities, August. IEEE International Conference on Data Science and Engineering (ICDSE 2016). , Kochi
AbdulNazeer.K.A, MadhuKumar SD, Sebastian.M.P.  2011.  Enhancing the K-means Clustering Algorithm by Using a O(nlogn) Heuristic Method for Finding Better Initial Centroids. International Conference on Emerging Applications of Information Technology- EAIT 2011. , Calcutta, India: IEEE Computer Society
Binesh, J, MadhuKumar SD, Alfredo C.  2017.  Enhancing Contact Center Performance Using Cloud Computing: A Case Study on Telecom Contact Centers. Second International Conference on Internet of Things, Data and Cloud Computing ( ICC'17). , Cambridge University, United Kingdom: ACM
Mathew, AB, MadhuKumar SD, Krishnan MK, Salam SM.  2017.  Efficient query retrieval in Neo4jHA using metaheuristic social data allocation scheme. Computers & Electrical Engineering. AbstractWebsite


Anita, BM, Priyabrat P, MadhuKumar SD.  2014.  Efficient Information Retrieval using Lucene, LIndex and HIndex in Hadoop, November 2014. 11th ACS/IEEE International Conference on Computer Systems and Applications (AICCSA' 2014). , Doha
AnitaBrigit, M, MadhuKumar SD.  2014.  An Efficient Index Based Query Handling Model for Neo4j. IJCST. Vol. 3( no. 2):pp.12–18.
MadhuKumar, SD, Bellur U.  2010.  An Efficient Approach for Incorporating Underlay Awareness in P2P Networks for Guaranteed Availabilities. International Journal on Communication Networks and Distributed Systems (IJCNDS), Inderscience. 4(2):133-160.