M.Tech, MCA and B.Tech Projects

M.Tech Projects

1. Shilpa P . Sentiment Analysis in Social Networking Sites to Track Malicious Campaigners (2015)

2. Amrita Patole. Load Balancing In Multiuser Hadoop Environment (2015)

3. Rahul Prasad Kanu, Dynamic cluster configuration algorithm in Mapreduce

cloud (2014).

4. Raju Chekka, A detection framework for DDoS attacks in cloud using Mapreduce (2014).

5. B.Ganesh Babu, Dynamic colocation algorithm for HADOOP (2014).

6. Saroja Kumar Jena, Load balancing in HADOOP distributed file system (2014).

7. Priyabrat Pattnaik,  Effective information retrieval in HADOOP (2014).

8. Bhavna Tamrakar,  A new concurrency control protocol for cloud databases (2013).

9. Sravanthi Nalli, Detection & elimination of malicious nodes in peer to peer networks (2013).

10. Badharudheen P, An innovative scheme for generating provenance - Aware applications through UML (2013).

11. Viju P Poonthottam:, A dynamic data placement scheme for HADOOP using real - time access (2013).

12. Syamlal L S, Incorporating context validation in recommender systems (2012).

13. Reshmi G, An adaptive node revocation method for peer-to-peer networks (2012).

14.   Sreyas K, Characterization of OPENGL ES workloads (2012).

15. Sheeja S Manakattu:, An improved biased random sampling algorithm for load balancing in cloud based systems (2012).

16. Vishnuprakash P K,  Semantic broken link detection using structured tagging scheme (2012).

17. Suresh Chandra Moharana:, Service efficient storage migration of virtual machines using block bitmap (2011).

18.  Zaid M Khan, Analysis, design & implementation of customer design tracker tool with high utility items mining (2011).

19. Lskrao Chimakurthi, Power efficient resource allocation for clouds using ANT colony framework (2011).

20. S.M.M.M Kalyan Kumar,  A cloud based scheme for constraint - less mobile cloud computing (2011).

21. Venkatarami Reddy C H, A deadline and budget constrained cost and time optimization algorithm for cloud computing (2010).

22. Veeresh B, Semantic interoperability of web applications in clouds using XML (2010).

23. Thushara A, A transparent fault tolerant storage migration on clouds (2010).

24. Reshma G, Smart adaptive billing mechanism for cloud data storage (2010).

25. Lisha PP,  Event modelling for content based publish subscribe system (2009).

26.  Thanuja P, Self organizing Chord P2P overlay (2009).

27. Shibily Joseph, Secure content based publish/subscribe system using prefix preserving encryption (2009).

28.  Babitha B, Siena routing algorithm for client mobility (2008).

29. Sadula Sri Krishna, Fault tolerant event routing on a Chordal ring (2008).

30. Biju T, Prototyping and comparing Chord and Kademlia lookup protocols (2008).

31. Senthil Kumar P, A proxy-home broker based algorithm for clients mobility in publish/subscribe systems (2007).

32. Bhanu Prakash Reddy A, Extending the sena event model with concept - based addressing (2007).

33.  Hari Prasad Yella, Development of a new content based routing algorithm for event based middleware (2006).

34. Balaji B V, A new event model for event based middleware (2006).

35.  Rajesh Kumar PM, An image transport protocol for the internet (2004).

36. L Bheekya,  Design & implementation of real time voice communication system over IP networks (2004).

37. Sanil S Mathew, Querying XML data using SQL (2004).

38. Unnikrishnan K, Implementing a temporal database on top of a conventional database (2004).

39. Venkata Ramana N, n point-A content management solution (2003).

40. K Srikanth Reddy, User level device drivers in LINUX (2003).

41. CH Dhanaraj,  A tool for the administration of LINUX clusters (2003).

42. Biju K I,  A tool for assessing & contrasting JAVA libraries (2002).

43. S Naga Kiran Kumar, Monitoring memory usage in embedded applications (2002).

44. Sethumadhav Bendi, Verification software for cellular network monitoring tool (2001).

45.  Sarath Reddy N, A tool for developing and managing component reuse libraries (2001).

Mini Projects

1.     Thushara A, Overlay networks: A comparative literature review (2008)

2.     Thanuja P, Leave monitoring system (2007).

MCA Projects

1.     Monika Dhingra,  Scan to SMB 3.0 (2014).

2.   Nidhi Gupta, Implementation of a web based faxing system using Hylafx-an open source faxing server (2013).

3.     Hemant Kumar, Galileo selling platform integration with TRAACS for credit control management & PNR information capturing form Galileo for non IATA travel agencies (2013).

4.     Priya Vinod, Fingerprint based attendance Management system: Web portal (2013).

5. Asha Rajagopal, Finger print based attendance management system (Registration & Recognition Module) - 2013.

6.  Seema Aggarwal, Logg Monitoring Reports and Continous Log Monitoring(2012)

7. Mahendra Gaur, Cloning a Physical Machine Using I-Touch ( 2012)

8. Gaurav Chatterjee, V.MadhuSudanan Pillai. Serial Supply Chain Role E-Play Simulation (2012)

9. D. Mallikarjun Reddy, A Secure Content Management System for a Closed User Group ( 2012)

10. CH. Ananth Sri Ram, Development of a toolkit for collecting Network underlay information (2009).

11. Dileep Kumar Reddy K, Data placement officer in a news service running on a cluster of data centers (2009).

12. Balaji Maasala, Process migration on UNIX clusters (2009).

13. Puneet Kumar Dawer, Fault tolerance on SIEANA Routing algorithm (2007)

14. Franklin John V,  Development of a simulation framework for publish - subscribe systems (2006).

15. Jithesh A S, Implementation of mineral RDBMS physical Layer (2003)

16.Sumesh B, Secure Telnet firewall (2003).

17.Seedharalu Somasekhar,  Reverse engineering Java source code (2001)

18.  Jidesh P, A tool for developing and managing software component reuse libraries (2001)

19. Thanu Anna Skariah, A tool for drawing class diagrams and use case diagrams (2000).

B.Tech Projects

 1.    Gelivi Harsha Vardhan, Koduganti Sai Sudha Madhavi, Pamidi Akhila, Xavier Jose. CLOUDVIRT- A Simulation for Cloud Environment ( 2015)

2. Pabiitra Kumar Padhy, Missing information analysis in parallel workloads (2010).

3. Aswin N A, Abhishek, Shravana D, Vasant Kumar Tiwari ,  Implementation of multiple masters strategy in sector/sphere cloud (2010)

4. Anupam Subba, Sheela Goenka. Pricing of Services in Cloud Computing ( 2010)

5.V Chandrashekar, Manish K M,V, Distributed algorithms for self organizing overlays (2008)

6Asha Gopalakrishnan, Darshana Nair, Rony john,Vinitha M Rajan,, Fault tolerance in Hermes (2008)

7. Harsh Poddar, Manas Mallik,, Data transfer from XML document to RDBMS tables (2003)

B.Tech Mini Projects

1.     Shravana D, Abhishek,Aswin NA, Deependu Malayaj , Mobile newspaper reader (2008-09)

2.     Nasrin Moopen, Maria Francis, Course home page generator (2006)