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Govindan, VK, Sankar CVG.  2012.  Energy efficient Canonical Huffman Coding, 20-21 JAN . International Conference On Application And Engineering Management (ICAEM-12). , Mahboobia Panjetan Educational Society Alumni Association (MPAA), (Hyderabad-Tajdeccan Hotel) , (Presented)
Govindan, VK, Nair JJ.  2012.  Speckle noise reduction using fourth order diffusion homomorphic filter, 13-15 July . Second International Conf on digital image processing and pattern recognition (DPPR 2012). , Chennai, India-Springer.
Govindan, VK, Mallikarjun V.  2012.  IMPROVED APPROACH TO COMPRESSION OF WAVEFORM DATA, 12th and13th Apr. International Conference on Computing and Control Engineering ICCCE-2012. , Dr. M.G.R. University Adayalampattu, Chennai-600 095, Tamil Nadu, India.
Govindan, VK, Kumar BSP.  2012.  Cluster based image retrieval, 12-13th April. International conference on Computing and control Engineering. , Dr. M.G.R Educational and Research Institute University, Adayalampattu, Chennai - 600095
Govindan, VK, Kanakaraj S, N PP.  2012.  A Fast Brain Image Registration using Axial Transformation, 10-11 August. Sixth International Conference on Information Processing-ICIP 2012 . , Bangalore, INDIA
Govindan, VK, A. L, K. SM.  2012.  Segmentation and Classification of M-FISH Human Chromosome Images, 09-11 August. The second International Conference on Advances in Computing and Communications (ACC-2012), Published in . , Rajagiri School of Engineering & Technology (RSET) , Kochi, Kerala, India. (Presented).
Govindan, VK, K AST.  2012.  Enhanced Approach for 3d Model Reconstruction from Silhouettes, 10-11 August. Sixth International Conference on Information Processing-ICIP 2012. , Bangalore, INDIA (Presented).
Govindan, VK, N PP, Kamakaraj S.  2012.  Non-Rigid Registration using Multi-Resolution Optimisation for the Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease, 10-11 August. Sixth International Conference on Information Processing. , Bangalore
Govindan, VK, Silvoster L.  2012.  Convolutional Neural Network Generated Affinity Graph based Segmentation. International Journal of Information Processing. vol. 6(issue 1):pp.67-75ISSN:0973-8215.
GovindanV.K., Kanakaraj S, P.N. P.  2012.  A Fast Brain Image Registration Using Axial Transformation , Wireless Networks and Computational Intelligence , Communications in Computer and Information Science. Volume 292 (Part 2):206-212DOI:10.1007/978-3-642-31686-9_24.
Govindan, VK, Lijiya.A, Sreejini KS.  2012.  M-FISH Karyotyping a new approach based on Watershed Transform. International Journal of Computer Science,Engineering and Information Technology(IJCSEIT). April 2012, Vol-2, (No-2 ):105-117.
P.N., P, Kanakaraj S, Govindan VK.  2012.  registration using multi-resolution optimization for the early diagnosis of alzheimer’s disease. International Journal of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering (IJCSEE) . Vol-1(Iss-2):ISSNNo.2315-4209.
Govindan, VK, Camilus SK.  2012.  A Review on Graph Based Segmentation. International Journal of Image, Graphics and Signal Processing (IJIGSP). 5:1-13.
Govindan, VK, N PP, S SG.  2012.  Threshold Accepting Approach for Image Registration. inInternational Journal of Computer Science and its Applications. Vol.2( Issue 2):pp88-92ISSN2250-3765.