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V.K.Govindan, Peter JD.  2006.   A Phase and intensity preserved image de-noising technique. 14th International conference on Advanced computing and communication ( ADCOM 2006), National Institute of technology Karnataka, India, 2006.
V.K.Govindan, M.N.Neelakandan.  1984.  Fast high resolution wide range shaft speed measurement using microprocessor. Symp. on Modern trends in Electro. Intstrument. & digital Communication systems. , REC Warangal, India
V.K.Govindan, Vijilin B.  2007.  Discriminatory property of classification of images and mother wavelet selection, 11-13 July. International conference on emerging trends in high performance architecture algorithm & computing. , SSN Campus, Chennai, India
V.K.Govindan, Joseph J.  1998.  Automatic speech recognition using hidden Markov model, Dec . XXII Nat. systems conference. , Calicut, India
V.K.Govinan, Vydian MV, F.Gajendran.  1983.  Analysis and design of multiloop controllers for DC motors ensuring desired speed and maximum efficiency. IEEE Conf. on Consumer Electronics. , Singapore
V.K.Govinan, Vydian MV.  1983.   Maximum efficiency operation of DC motors using microprocessors. 2nd Nat. Power system conf.. , Hyderabad, India