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Conference Paper
V.K.Govindan, Joseph J.  1998.  Automatic speech recognition using hidden Markov model, Dec . XXII Nat. systems conference. , Calicut, India
Govindan, VK, Joseph AJ.  2012.  Sketch Based Image Retrieval Using Contourlet Features, 28-29 January. International Conference: Futuristic of Computer Science Engineering &I Information Technology-ICCT2012, Published: In the proceeding of Futuristic of Computer Science Engineering &I Information Technology-ICCT2012 . , Thiruvallavur College of Engineering, Vandavasi, Tamilnadu
Journal Article
jose, JT, Govindan VK.  2013.   Varying Area Based Shadow Detection in Video Sequences. Communications in Computer and Information Science 2013. :LNCSpp.114–123.
Jereesh.A.S., Govindan.V.K.  2013.  A clonal based algorithm for the reconstruction of genetic network using S-system . IJRET: International journal of research in engineering and technology. vol 2:eISSN2319-1163,pISSN2321-7308,No.8.
jose, JT, Govindan VK.  2013.  Efficient Algorithm for Varying Area based Shadow Detection in Video Sequences. International Journal of Computer applications (IJCA). vol. 72:ISBN:973-93-80875-76-7,No.16.
Jose, J, V.K G.  2014.  Image Reconstruction from Projections using Triangular Linear System of Equations . International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology (IJERT). Vol. 3(Issue 1):ISSN:2278-0181.
Lijiya.A, Joseph J, V.K.Govindan.  2014.  Occlusion Detection in M-FISH Human Chromosome Images. INTERNATION JOURNAL OF COMPUTERS AND TECHNOLOGY. Vol. 13, No. 4:pp.4398-4404.
Govindan.V.K, Jereesh.A.S.  2014.  Two weight matrix model based GNET reconstruction using clonal algorithm. Journal of advanced bioinformatics application and research. vol 5, ISSN 0976-2604(2):121-133.