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GovindanV.K., Kanakaraj S, P.N. P.  2012.  A Fast Brain Image Registration Using Axial Transformation , Wireless Networks and Computational Intelligence , Communications in Computer and Information Science. Volume 292 (Part 2):206-212DOI:10.1007/978-3-642-31686-9_24.
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Govindan, VK, Prasad SM, Sathidevi PS.  2009.   Bimodal personal recognition using hand images, Feb 2009. International Conference dvances in Computers communication and control (ACM). , Mumbai
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Govindan, VK, Kalady S, Dev B, N AA.  2008.  Optimal Agendas and Procedures for N-Issue Negotiation:An Inductive Definition. Accepted in MICAI 2008 Conference and to be published in Springer LNCS.
Govindan, VK.  2010.  Computer Architecture and organization (MTech CS), 3 chapters (Co-authored). , NewDelhi: ISBN: 978-81-259-3348-9, Vikas Publishing House private limited
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Govindan, VK, Mokasree.  2012.  Recognition of Isolated Handeritten Telugu Numeral Characters, 21-23 April . International Conference on Recent Trends of Computer Technology in Academia (ICRTCTA 2012). , JRNRV University, Udaipur